Feeding the Birds


Winter can be a bleak time of year, but with a few simple steps you can attract some delightful feathered visitors to your yard! Commonly spotted birds here in the Edmonton area through the winter include: chickadees, house finches, nuthatches, house sparrows, blue birds, and more! If you are lucky, you might even spot a Northern flicker, or a woodpecker like the tiny downy woodpeckers or large pileated woodpeckers.

Consider what kinds of birds you would like to attract as this will have an impact on what type of feed you should choose. There are many different options ranging from straight seed to feed mixes.

Smaller songbirds will prefer feed like black oil sunflower, millet, nyjer seed, and small dried fruits. Larger birds like blue jays will prefer peanuts in shell, striped sunflower, and tree nuts.

Suet can also attract many types of bird and tend to draw woodpeckers among songbirds and jays. Choose a suet with insects if you are particularly interested in attracting woodpeckers.

Come spring and summer, a feeding tray with dried insects will attract ground feeders like robins. A nectar feeder can attract ruby throated hummingbirds and even northern orioles if you’re lucky.

Happy feeding!!


By Evelyn