Crassula ovata

The unique plants are native to South Africa. Their bulbous leaves are covered in a waxy coat to retain water. A good rule of thumb for Jades is to water it once the top 1″-2″ of soil is dry, however the plant may require less water in the fall and winter. You can let the soil dry more in these periods of dormancy.

However, if you find your plant leaves to be squishy, this is a sign that your plant is being overwatered. If they start to shrivel, they need more water.

Jade plants need lots of sunlight! Keep new plants in bright but indirect light. Mature plants are less picky on placement. Just make sure your plant can soak up lots of sun.

If you have a well-established Jade plant, you can also propagate the leaves or stems to make plant babies! Make sure you take cuttings during the active growth phase, usually in the spring or summer.

If you’re lucky, you may get flowers, too.