We purchase vegetable, herb and flower seed from numerous suppliers. We do not publish a catalogue of our own but we have listed a few of our suppliers below. Please browse these sites to see which seed varieties are available. We either have in stock or can order specific varieties from these companies.

Although we are unable to offer all of the seed varieties in-store, we are able to accommodate special requests from some of the companies. If you do not find what you want please ask us. There may be seeds available that are not listed on these websites. Please be as detailed as possible in your order.


Seed companies that we purchase from frequently throughout the season. We are able to accommodate special requests more easily: 

Ontario Seed Company 

Pacific Northwest Seeds

West Coast Seeds

McKenzie Seeds including Gusto Italian

Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

We order less frequently from these companies. Please inquire about the possibility of ordering seed that we do not have in stock:

Renee’s Garden Seeds

Cornucopia Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Mr. Fothergill’s including British Royal Horticultural Society and Sarah Raven Flowers